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SUSFUTURE, representing Sustainable Futures in Fashion and Textile, is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to integrating sustainability in fashion and textiles. Through fostering academia-industry-research collaborations, we host exhibitions, fashion shows, and seminars to promote dialogue and innovation. Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we aim to inspire sustainable practices across the creative sectors, serving as a catalyst for change and a hub for professionals to engage, learn, and collaborate towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

Innovation Spotlight

Green Leaf

SUSFUTURE's Innovation Spotlight shines on sustainable fashion's latest advances, from bio-fabrics to recycling technologies. We celebrate those leading the sustainable shift, showcasing materials and methodologies that blend style with environmental stewardship. This platform not only highlights industry breakthroughs but also inspires our community to adopt and champion these innovations, steering the fashion and textile sectors towards a greener future.


Community & Networking

The Community & Networking hub at SUSFUTURE connects like-minded professionals and enthusiasts in sustainable fashion and textiles. It offers forums, events, and collaboration opportunities, fostering exchanges and partnerships. Here, members unite to innovate and drive the industry towards sustainability, shaping the future of fashion together. Join us to make meaningful connections and contribute to our collective mission.

Get Involved

Blurry Forest

Join the SUSFUTURE movement to make a difference in sustainable fashion. Participate in events, volunteer, or donate to support our mission. Your involvement brings us closer to a sustainable future. Connect, contribute, and be part of the change. Get involved today and help us shape a greener tomorrow.

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